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Towards Digital Bangladesh

The Management Information Systems (MIS) at the Roads and Highways Department was established in 1997. The objectives of the MIS area unit supporting the knowledge needs of the Roads and Highways Department through the procural, development, installation and maintenance of the required component and software system.
Roads and Highways Department has a well-established infrastructure to support the knowledge technology. The terrorist group network permits the network user to figure and share the resources from terrorist group HQ, BRRL and terrorist group coaching center through native space network. Powerful network servers and Microsoft Windows network platform provide quick access to the resources and security to the information. All terrorist group officers currently have the associate degree terrorist group email address and that they will simply communicate world-wide through the terrorist group e-mail system.
The Roads and Highways Department has its own site. the site address is The web site can be accessed through the Internet from anywhere in the world. The Intranet version is accessible from RHD network.
The RHD web site is launched within RHD network. Therefore any network user can view the web site simply by typing the web address. From 2007 CMS (Central Management System) was introduced and from November 2010 CMS is online through FTP server.
Public Procurement is the online advertising of all active tenders. The Construction contracts link to the Tender Database. The Consultancy services link to other pages showing the list of the active consultancy invitations.
Active Tender link is extracted from the tender database that is currently open for an invitation. All tender notice can be published directly from officers desk and it is the essence of transparency of RHD. The Overview of Bangladesh has sub link for the History, Culture, Environment and Attraction. the web site also provides a complete telephone directory of all the RHD offices. Telephone Directory link is available in the main menu at RHD web home page. The Web Mail link follows the RHD mail system to check mail from the web page. The RHD web site contains total 15 databases totaling 14,228 records of personnel. records of 18,258 bridge structures and 21,302.08 km of road information and records of various projects. Basically, RHD is responsible for construction and maintenance of the major road and bridge network of Bangladesh.Since the Department was established the size of the major road network in Bangladesh has grown from 2,500 kames to the present network of 21,302.08 Km. RHD is headed by a Chief Engineer who is supported by a number of Additional Chief Engineers.
The databases are available in Intranet and Internet version. Intranet version is only available through the RHD network. Internet version can be accessible by anyone through the network or remote connection. Intranet version contains more information but requires a reliable connection.
The RHD organization database provides the latest RHD organization structure, post and name and details of the personnel working. The page link to the database allows the user to expand to view information down to division level. It also allows collapsing to view only to chief engineer or any level in between. The page has options to sort information by post or name, find only vacant posts or retiring posts within the selected office.
Personnel database keeps information about all the employees of RHD. The information is classified as personal, education, training, service, promotion and posting. There is other personal information that can only be viewed by authorized person. The page link to the database allows seeing the promotions, transfers and retiring employees' details. The Advance search engine allows finding a person by name, designation or ID.
The Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS) database contains data on 21,302.08 Km roads in Bangladesh, including traffic, a number of bridges and condition data. The RMMS is processed through HDM-4 to produce maintenance plans. The database is useful to view ongoing work classified by development, revenue, and deposit work with a historical report.
Schedule of rates database allows viewing the rates of the works of each zone for six different categories. The rate helps the contractors to prepare estimates, helps RHD officers to prepare tenders and helps other people to compare. The Intranet version of the database allows showing more details of the items but it is accessible to the LAN users only.

The Contractors database contains records of all the FTO noncommissioned contractors and their information. The database is useful to seek out a contractor, their address or capability. The RHD officers will read their money capability, instrumentality resources, expertise and different related information to judge or different purpose. The page permits looking out a contractor by category, category, and name or on the premise of their capability.
The coaching info provides data on coaching conducted by the FTO training center.The Home page of the info targets the coaching news, forthcoming training, in progress training and seminars. The training calendar of the training info event page displays the training to prevail this week. The powerful search engine permits to seek out coaching name, trainee participation, trainer and different data. The info has a choice to print report on the activities of the FTO training center.
The Project observation System info stores data concerning to the whole project undertaken under ADP. The link page to the info permits looking out a project with a range of possibility. The search result shows the name of the project and their description, total allotted quantity and works in dire straits the project that meets the search criteria. more details for every project break down are additionally obtainable on sub joined pages.
Network certification info could be a complete list of all the FTO workers United Nations agency have certified to use FTO network. As an area of Network access procedure, FTO officers could need receiving training to be introduced with the FTO network. they'll be supplied with AN email address and a network log on name to access FTO network. all and sundry could have the completely different right to use network resources.
The Bridge Maintenance Management System (BMMS) info contains knowledge on eighteen,258 bridges in People's Republic of Bangladesh, as well as traffic and condition knowledge. The BMMS summarized the knowledge collected from Bridge Condition Survey (BCS) and displays bridges in class A for no injury bridges, B for minor injury bridge, C for major elemental injury and D for major structural injury. The page link to the info shows the outline data within the home page. Details of specific bridges area unit obtainable on selected link. The search engine permits to go looking by location condition or structure.
CMS holds all tender and contract data as well as payment certificates, vouchers and cherub book records and shows both physical and money progress of FTO works. {the data|the knowledge|the data} processed through CMS field module is shipped back to FTO military headquarters and therefore the information is processed to CMS info. The CMS page that links to the info is often viewed by approved users solely.
CMS could be a versatile and robust management tool. It contains the newest updated data on all FTO contracts that area unit being handled throughout the country. it's currently as easy as a click to induce data on any contract and obtain each its physical work details and money details.

“E-Governance refers to the utilization of knowledge and communications technologies to boost the potency, effectiveness, transparency and answer ableness of Government”.
Tender info contains records of the tender invited by the FTO. The info contains data of tender create or memoranda range, tender tantalizing authority, selling and submission date and instruction concerning to dropping tenders. The page linked to the database permits to pick AN workplace in between Chief Engineer to Sub-Division then to go looking tenders by the specific amount, category, expenditure sort, knowledge class or choosing different choices. The search result showed outline of the memoranda order. Details of every contract are often more classified.
RHD email is often used through FTO internet site. it's user-friendly and needs no configuration. It is often used from any PC from your home, Office, cyber restaurant or outside country.
Lastly, we will say that FTO is that the pioneer of e-governance. All divisions/office use most powerful CMS (Central Management System) for manage FTO's economic system and without CMS no one will expense their budget and it is a nice action of digital RHD.Up to fifty large integers, all OTM tenders of FTO printed in an e-up portal.

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